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How to Take an Onsen Bath

Removing makeup before entering the hot springs bath increases the beautifying effect.

Make-up prevents the pores of your skin from absorbing the beneficial minerals that help to remove impurities and soften old keratoid skin. Removing your make-up before entering the bath enables the special characteristics of the bath to leave your skin with a creamy glow.

Reasons for applying warm tap water before bathing.

Applying warm water before entering the bathtub sends a message to your body that you are going to enter the bath.
If you enter the bath without applying water, then your blood vessels will suddenly expand, causing your blood pressure to drop. To allow the blood vessels to slowly expand and significantly lighten the burden to the body, apply water first to places furthermost from your heart such as the hands and feet.
Also, warm water is important for cleansing the body. To avoid splashing water on others, apply warm water while sitting.

Slowly warm your body by first submerging only the lower half.

The ideal style of taking a bath would be submerging half of your body into the water at first.
The water pressure of the hot springs bath is greater than you think, and if you submerge yourself to your shoulders, then the pressure will be felt on your lungs, making it difficult to breathe and causing you to suddenly feel woozy. By submerging only half of your body in the water at first, you might initially feel dissatisfied, but you will soon begin to feel warm as the blood steadily circulates through your body.

The appropriate length of time for total submersion is a key point to maximizing the beautifying effect

The typical number of times for submerging the entire body is 1-2 times with the ideal submersion time being no more than 10 minutes when the water temperature is 42 degrees Celsius or higher. When the water is a tepid temperature between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius, then you should spend no more than 20 minutes in the bath. In either case, it is important not to overdo it. While in the bath, try massaging the central arch of each foot and the middle area of the palm of each hand. This will help your body to relax and maintain a balance in the secretion of hormones.

Don't rinse off when getting out of the bath and only pour water on the area below the knees.

You should rise slowly from the bath and allow the body to soak in the minerals by not rinsing off. If you are a person with sensitive skin or you feel a prickly sensation from the mineral water, then you should quickly rinse off your body with warm tap water. Finally, pour cold water from the knees on down to feel refreshed.
Note) Be careful to keep clothes from coming in contact with the mineral water of the golden bath since it will stain your clothes with a deep red color.

Replace the fluids lost during the bath

While in the bath, the ability of the minerals in the water to force out bad elements is strong and can cause body fluids to become depleted due to perspiration and the diuretic properties of the minerals. When replenishing the lost fluids, be sure to drink light Japanese tea or mineral water to avoid causing the blood to thicken.
You can promote soft skin by applying lotion after perspiration has abated and the keratin portions of the skin are still moist.

Arima Cider 'Teppo Water'
This was a product developed by Arima Hachisuke Shop.

The label says that the product became popular in Japan despite the fact that people in olden times believed that water gushing from the ground was poisonous.
1 bottle 250 yen

Nostalgic 'MikanWater'
We have begun offering 'Mikan Water'.
Made from spring water, Mikan Water offers the tantalizing flavor of Mandarin oranges preserved in a beverage unchanged from the past. Bottled in recyclable glass bottles, Mikan Water provides a delicious blast from the past in today's generation of PET bottles.
1 bottle 200 yen

Citron Tea
Citron tea is a legendary health drink popular in Korea. With approximately five times the vitamin C and citric acid of one lemon, it's not only good for your skin but it also helps to promote blood circulation. Because of its active effect on your metabolism, it helps to relieve fatigue. Try using in conjunction with the health and skin benefits of the golden bath.
The Ryuusenkaku Coffee Shop serves the tea for 500 yen for one cup.

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