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Annual Events in Arima

Annual Events in Arima

Irizome-shiki (New Year Onsen Celebration)

This is an annual event held on January 2nd to show appreciation to the important benefactors of Arima Onsen.

Festival Procession
This ceremonial procession heads toward the festival grounds (Arima Elementary School) and is led by the local Shinto and Buddhist priests followed by the proprietors of Japanese inns and a group of geisha girls in traditional bathhouse costumes. They carry wooden sculptures of the high priests Gyoki and Ninsai on a palanquin from the Onsenji Temple as well as the object of worship from Tosen Shrine of Onamuchi-no-Kami (Okuninushi-no-Mikoto), worshipped as the mythical discoverer of Arima Onsen in Japanese folklore.

Churning the Hot Water
In step with the beat of the drum, the ladies of the bathhouse churn the first hot water until the water becomes the right temperature.

Throwing Water
The first hot water poured in appreciation of Gyoki and Ninsai.

Geisha announce a dance with the commemorative bath song playing in the background.

Purification Ceremony
Rice that has been spread on the floor is raked up using a young pine and is wrapped in white paper as an amulet.

Return, Come Back
The ladies of the bathhouse begrudgingly bid farewell to the palanquin by saying "Return, Come Back" as the palanquin moves back and forth according to their instructions.

Cherry Blossom Festival

From the start of April, there is a cherry blossom festival held at Shinsui Park when the rosebud cherry trees at Shinsui Park and Zenpukuji Temple and the cherry trees lining Arima River are lit up.
(Please inquire for details as the date varies yearly.)

[ Guide to Cherry Blossoms Spots ]

Fireflies and Arima River

In early June, the spectacle of swirling fireflies can be seen at the Arima River. Every year students at Arima Elementary School release fireflies at the river, and the beautiful scenery of the early summer at the Arima Onsen becomes a backdrop for poetry.

Appreciation for Sal Blooms and the Ichigen-kin Harp

This is a festival held in mid-June around the time a myriad of white Sal flowers (summer camellia) are in full bloom. With a lifespan of only a day, these flowers fall to the ground the same day as they bloom. With the sound of the ichigen-kin or one stringed harp played in the background, one cannot help but reflect on the transitory nature of life.

Ryofu River Festival

From late July for one month, stalls line up on the riverbeds of the Arima River. With the river breeze providing relief, many people come every year smacking their lips in anticipation of delicious food.

Principal Tea Ceremony in Arima

Hideyoshi loved Arima and would sometimes hold tea ceremonies with Sen-no-Rikyu and his followers. In remembrance of Hideyoshi's love of Arima and tea ceremony, the tea ceremony schools of Omote-senke and Ura-senke take turns hosting an annual tea ceremony on November 2-3 in honor of Hideyoshi at his memorial at Zenpukuji Temple. The tea ceremony is performed in the open air in the Zuihoji Park with its beautiful autumn leaves. During this time, tea ceremonies are performed at local Arima temples and inns. The event is around the time the autumn leaves begin to change colors in Arima.

Game of Go Tournament in Arima

In early November, the players of the game of Go gather on Sunday at the Arima Onsen to win promotion to a higher rank of the Nihon Ki-in (Japan Go Association). Two hundred people participate with opportunities for young enthusiasts to match wits with professional player in commemorative matches.

Snowy Scenery

Seeing steam from the hot springs rising through the falling snow in Arima Onsen surrounded by the mountains wraps the beholder in awe-inspiring emotion. Located on a hilltop in Arima, Ryuusenkaku offers a panoramic view of snow-covered mountains in the distance from the warmth of our soothing outdoor mineral baths.

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