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Guide to Ryuusenkaku Gift Shop

The Gift Shop at Ryuusenkaku Inn features specialties
of Arima Onsen and original items of Ryuusenkaku.

Arima Cider 'Teppo Water' 1 bottle 250 yen

Featuring the classic taste of Japan's first carbonated drink, Arima Cider became popular in Japan despite the fact that people in olden times believed that water gushing from the ground was poisonous. This is a new product of Arima Onsen with a lemon and lime flavor that is great after a hot bath.

Mikan Water 1 bottle 200 yen

Using the mineral spring, Mikan Water offers the tantalizing flavor of Mandarin oranges preserved in a beverage unchanged from the past. Bottled in recyclable glass bottles, Mikan Water provides a delicious blast from the past in today's generation of PET bottles.

Japanese Soda Cracker
54 crackers (3 per pack) 1080 yen
30 crackers (5 per pack) 650 yen

A renowned product of Arima Onsen, these delicious crackers were once called mineral spring crackers because of the carbonated water used for their light, crisp taste.

Kobe Curry-Flavored Persimmon Seed Cracker 7 packages 760 yen

Introducing a unique snack shaped like a persimmon seed with the unique curry flavor found only in Kobe. It's the perfect complement to beer. Looking at the package gives you the feeling of Kobe's curry flavor.

Healthy Japanese Soda Cracker 48 crackers 1,200 yen

This gift pack offers three unique flavors of Japanese soda crackers: white sesame, dried green seaweed, and original. Ryuusenkaku serves white sesame crackers as a complementary snack with tea.

Rich Charcoal Cleansing Cream 150g 2,000 yen

Made without any artificial fragrances or color, the soap's rich black color derives from natural charcoal. As the active charcoal removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses the skin, eleven types of Chinese medicinal herbs work to create supple, radiant skin.

Charcoal Particle Towel 25 x 100cm 840 yen

Made from rayon cloth with the special properties of Wakayama charcoal woven in its fibers, this towel feels good to the touch and creates foamy bubbles while being effective against foul odors, ultra infrared rays, and negative ions.

Charcoal Particle Soap 128g 800 yen

The fine charcoal particles combine with the natural minerals derived from the hot springs to remove dirt and cleanse the skin. Honey was added to moisturize and preserve healthy skin.

Miscellaneous Japanese Goods

We have an assortment of handkerchiefs, Japanese headbands, towels, and small gift items.

Items for Babies

An assortment of items for babies such as swimming suits, disposable diapers, and beverages is available.

• Hours 8:00 to 21:30
• Products are available from our online shop on the Ryuusenkaku homepage found under online 'Gift Shop'.

"Motoyu Ryuusenkaku - Arima Onsen"
1663, Utsugidani, Arima-cho, Kita-ku,
Kobe City, Hyogo, 651-1401 Japan
Tel: 078-904-0901 Fax: 078-903-0099
E-mail address:
Experience the finest in Japanese hospitality complete with relaxing outdoor mineral baths and exquisite Japanese cuisine at Ryuusenkaku.
The Management
Motoyu Ryuusenkaku