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Support for Commemorative Day

There are many guests that use Ryuusenkaku to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and longevity milestones. To such guests we want to do what we can to help make their special event joyful.
For guests with such a special request, please fill in "Other" in the [Accommodation Reservation Form] or contact us ahead of time by e-mail.

| Chanchanko Costume | Weaning Ceremony | Cake | Flower Bouquet |
| Boat Sashimi | Red Bean Rice | Kobe Wine | Sake of Local Breweries |
| Shochu | Champagne | Golden Bath Dyed Coaster |
| Private Outdoor Bath | Photo Service | Onsen Christmas with Santa Visit! |

Chanchanko Costume

In celebration of a commemorative event such as a 'Kanreki,' or 61st birthday anniversary in a calendar year, we can prepare a Chanchanko costume set in red, purple, yellow, and white. Please request when reserving.

Weaning Ceremony
We will assist in the "Weaning Ceremony" or first meal ceremony that prays for the growth of a healthy child.

The ritual feast consists of one whole grilled red snapper, red bean rice, large clam soup, boiled vegetables, pickled plum, three white stones.
Sets for the ritual feast are available for boys and girls.
One set is 8000 yen. Please request 3 days in advance.

Please request 3 days in advance. Three cake sizes are available in 12 cm (3000 yen), 15 cm (4000 yen) and 18 cm (5000 yen).
Please specify congratulatory messages and/or candles (up to max. 15 candles) at time of order. Please request 3 days in advance.

Flower Bouquet

A bouquet of flowers is available starting from 3000 yen.

Please request 3 days in advance.

Boat Sashimi
This is a special treat to help families or groups celebrate anniversaries or other special occasions.
Cost is 13,000 yen for a large boat sashimi for 4 to 5 people. A smaller option for 2 to 3 people is available for 8,500 yen.
Please request 3 days in advance.
Picture shows an order of a large boat sashimi set.

Red Bean Rice (traditional meal for celebration)

One serving costs 600 yen.

Please request 3 days in advance.

Kobe Wine

One bottle costs 1500 yen.

Select from a half bottle of red, white, or rose.

Sake of Local Breweries
There are some sakes of local breweries available: "Muraku" (slightly sweet) and "Arima-zakura (slightly dry) are 2,800 yen per bottle, and "Kobe Roman" (slightly dry) is 3,500 yen per bottle.

This is a refined sake brewed from the water of the Rokko Mountain Range and white rice with a slightly sweet, refreshing taste.(Nada Brewery)

This is a refined sake brewed in the area of Tamba with a slightly dry taste that is particularly suited for the cherry blossom season.
(Homei Brewery)

"Kobe Roman"
This is sake brewed for a light tasting fruity. A famous 'Taki-no-koi' brand. It is a popular souvenir of Kobe. (Kimura Brewery)

Fukuju "Awasaki" Sparkling Sake
Awasaki is a sparkling sake produced by inducing the in-bottle secondary fermentation of sake to effect carbonation. Serve chilled, Awasaki is a sweet yet refreshingly light flavor. (Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries)
A 300ml bottle sells 1,500 yen.

Fukuju "Mikagego" Junmai Sake
Complex and rich aroma. Flavour has width.Well balanced and full bodied. Clean finish. (Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries)
A 720ml bottle sells 2,800 yen.

Fukuju Daiginjo Sake
Very fragrant. Clean and elegant. Well balanced aroma and taste. Fine mouth-feel. (Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries)
A 720ml bottle sells 6,000 yen.

Each type of shochu is offered. Barley Shochu "Iichiko" is available in a 900ml bottle for 3,500 yen while Chestnut Shochu "Miyama Mikuri," Rice Shochu "Yamanami," Kobe Shochu "Lamp, and "Sweet Potato Shochu "Ryusui" are available in a 720ml bottle for 3,500 yen.
A glass of shochu is also for 700 yen.

Chestnut Shochu "Miyama Mikuri"
"Miyama Mikuri" is a shochu with the scent and strikingly full-flavor taste of chestnut and is made using a rare bamboo charcoal filtration system that gives it a mellow taste and the natural home-style feeling of Tamba. (Nishiyama Brewery)

Rice Shochu "Yamanami"
"Yamanami" is a rice shochu with a clear, mellow taste with the rich aroma of rice. Distilled using a bamboo charcoal filtration system, "Yamanami" has the authentic rice flavor of a rice shochu and with the taste of Tamba. (Nishiyama Brewery)

Kobe Shochu "Lamp"
"Lamp" has the authentic taste of shochu and is made from sediment of pure sake. By using the high quality sediments of pure sake as its original ingredients, the shochu retains an aromatic scent of pure sake as a special characteristic. "Lamp" blends with unrefined sake that has been stored in an oak barrel to bring out a full body, mellow flavor. (Kiku-masmune Brewery)

Sweet Potato Shochu "Ryusui"
"Ryusui" uses sweet potatoes (Kogane-sengan) that have been painstakingly selected and combines them with traditional dark malts that carry a soft aroma of sweet potato with a refreshing flavor of authentic shochu and no aftertaste. (Iwagawa Brewery)

*Please ask the room service or the front desk for the above items

Three types of champagne are available in half bottles: Moét et Chandon, Asti Cinzano, and Cinzano Pinot Chardonney

Asti Cinzano (shown in center of picture)
This is a sparkling wine made from Muscat grapes from the Asti region. The Muscat grapes regain their sweet, fruity, and refreshing taste. Because of the wine's relatively low alcohol content, we recommend this sparkling wine to women.
1 bottle sells 2,000 yen.

Cinzano Pinot Chardonney (shown on the left side of the picture)
This is a dry champagne that refreshes the palate from the large-scale manufacturer Cinzano. 1 bottle sells for 3,000 yen.

Moét et Chandon, (Brut Imperial) (shown on the right side of the picture)
This is a dry champagne that is representative of the world famous Moét et Chandon. It has a lively freshness in the mouth that gives a light and natural feeling when drinking. 1 bottle sells for 4,000 yen.

*Please ask the room service or the front desk for the above items

Golden Bath Dyed Coaster
For guests celebrating their 70th, 77th, 80th, 88th, 90th, 99th or 100th birthday, please inform us when making reservations. A Golden Bath Dyed Coaster dyed from Ryuusenkaku's own golden bath spring by the mother of a staff member is given as a free present

Private Outdoor Bath

Please do not hesitate to use for important anniversaries of families and loved ones.

*Click here for details.

Photo Service

We would like to have pictures of you and your family to display on our home page in our Ryuusenkaku 'Photo Gallery'.

Please contact our staff at the front desk for more details.

Onsen Christmas with Santa Visit!
Enjoy an Onsen Christmas complete with a visit from Santa Claus!

During the Christmas season, Santa will pay a visit to your room and deliver presents. To take advantage of this service, we ask that you provide the front desk staff ahead of time with the presents you would like Santa to deliver to your loved ones.

Click here for links organized by region to lodging establishments that provide assistance with special commemorative events.

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