Guide to Himeji Central Park

In this issue, we will introduce Himeji Central Park and the recreational area as recommended spots for family outings. This Park is located in the suburbs of Himeji City, about 50 km west of Kobe City. It takes one and a half hours by car from Arima to Himeji. Ryuusenkaku guests often visit Himeji Castle and Central Park at a time.
All of the staff at Ryuusenkaku are eagerly waiting to serve the many visitors from around the world coming to the Kobe-Arima Onsen.

Himeji Central Park

Opened in 1984 as a safari park type zoo and amusement park, the Himeji Central Park is a theme park located on a vast plot of land that is 1.9 million u large. It has a "sister park" agreement with the Nairobi National Park in Kenya and has many ways to experience a safari: a drive-through safari where you can ride in your car and observe large carnivorous animals such as tigers and lions and herbivorous animals from your car window, a walking safari where you can stroll and see such animals as water fowl and kangaroos up close, and a sky safari where you can see animals from a rope way gondola.
In the amusement park, there is a large Ferris wheel and suspended roller coaster that stands 35 meter off the ground. Also in the summertime, there is "Aquaria" such as pool with flowing water and a "Surfing Downhill" where you can slide down a hill on a surf board and in the winter there is "ice park" by skating on a chalk castle of wind.

Access* Get on a Shinki bus from either the JR/Sanyo Himeji Station and get off at the Himeji Central Park bus stop.
* Change from "Fukusaki IC" on the Chugoku Expressway to the Bantan Road. The park is about 15 minutes from the "Hanada IC."
* The park is about 5 minutes from the "Himeji Higashi IC" on the Sanyo Expressway.
ClosedWednesday (However, it is open on national holidays, and during the spring, summer, and winter holidays.)
(changes by season)
Safari Park 10:00-17:00 (winter season: 10:00-16:00)
Amusement park 10:00-17:30 (winter season: 10:00-16:30)
Admission feeAdults (junior high school students and above) 3,100 yen, elementary school students 1,900 yen, small children (3 years old up to elementary school age) 1,200 yen
Day Pass to all attractionsAdults (junior high school students and above) 2,800 yen, elementary school students 2,600 yen, small children (3 years old up to elementary school age) 1,200 yen
ParkingAll day 1,000 yen
Safari/Bus800 yen (operates on a regular basis)
Notes:Automobile types not allowed at park → canvas top, convertible, low-riding, and modified type cars and trucks

Safari Park Drive thru Safari Walking Safari Amusement Park Attractions Aquarea Ice Park map
Index of Himeji Central Park

Safari Park

Drive thru Safari

Drive thru Safari Safari Bus

This is a safari that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own car. Large carnivorous animals such as cheetahs, tigers, and lions along with herbivorous animals can be observed at a close distance from the car window. Those without automobile transportation can use the regular scheduled Safari Bus service.

Cheetahs, lions, tigers section (large carnivorous animals from the Felidae family of the Carnivora order)

Cheetahs, lions, tigers

Cheetahs Lions Tigers

Herbivorous A section (animals living in the grasslands and desert zones)

Reticulated giraffes, ostriches, oryx dammahs, spotted deer, nilgais, and Chapman's zebras

Reticulated giraffes oryx dammahs Chapman's zebras

Herbivorous B section (animals which lives in the mountainous regions and the rocky mountains)

Himalayan tahrs, bharals, Barbary sheep, European white pelicans, blackbucks, and Japanese deer

Barbary sheep Blackbucks Japanese deer

Herbivorous C section (bovine from the Americas and Africa)

American bisons, llamas, blue wildebeests, the roan-antelopes, and hippopotamuses

American bisons Llamas Hippopotamuses

Zebra Section (established in 2004 and aims to be "Zebra Protection Zone.")

Imperial zebras, bharals, markhors, and blackbacks

Imperial zebras Bharals Blackbacks

Large herbivorous section (large herbivores in Africa and the Gobi Desert)

African elephants, Southern white rhinoceros, and Bactrian camels

Southern white rhinoceros Bactrian camels African elephants

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Walking Safari

Walking Safari Walking Safari

Here visitors can stroll the grounds and come into close contact with small animals that are popular with small children such as free roaming waterfowl and kangaroos. Be sure to enjoy the attraction of powerful elephants and explanations on ecology while looking at the sight of squirrel monkeys being fed. Also, in the Child's Farm, there are many small animals to enjoy playing with and ponies that can be ridden.

Bear Park and Monkey Mountain

Hokkaido brown bears, Asiatic black bears, African elephants, and Japanese monkeys

Asiatic black bears Hokkaido brown bears Japanese monkeys

1st Flying Cage

Hawaiian geese, snow geese, Mandarin ducks, Phoenicopterus chilensis, capybaras, ring-tailed lemurs, squirrel monkeys, mute swans, ruddy shelducks, grey crowned cranes, and white storks

Phoenicopterus chilensis Mandarin ducks Capybaras

2nd Flying Cage

Sun parakeets, fantail pigeons, black-tailed prairie dogs, grey miercats, and Indian peacocks

Fantail pigeons Grey miercats Indian peacocks

Kangaroo Park

Bennett wallabies, Cape Barren geese, emus, and African and Magellanic penguins

Bennett wallabies Emus Magellanic penguins

African Park

Visitors can come in close proximity to actually realize the size of the African elephant and we encourage you to feel the power of their wilderness breathing.
It is also possible to experience the thrill of feeding these massive animals.

African Park African Park African Park

Walking Avenue

White tigers and lions, red pandas, chimpanzees, and Asian small-clawed otters

White tigers White lions Red pandas

Savannah Terrace

This is the observatory tower surveying the herbivorous sections of the Drive-thru Safari. There is also a "Giraffe Lunch Corner" where visitors can stand at eye-level to feed the giraffes and observed them chewing while feeling their snouts

Savannah Terrace Giraffe Lunch Corner Giraffe Lunch Corner

Sky Safari

A ropeway made its appearance on the Walking Safari in 2003. The gondola is capable of carrying 12 people and has gained popularity as a "Sky Safari" that commands a spectacular view of the animals from the air. The distance between the "Fureai no Kuni (Petting Land)" station on the summit of the Safari Zone and the "Yasei no Kuni (Wild Land)" station on the base is 318m and has an elevation difference of 41 m and takes nearly 3 minutes to complete. The service is free of charge.

Sky Safari Sky Safari Sky Safari

Child's Farm

Miniature pigs, Kiso horse, ponies, sheep, goats, large and small dogs, domesticated ducks, Black and White Spangled Japanese bantams, Patagonian hares, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs

Miniature pigs Patagonian hares Rabbits

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Amusement Park


Thrill Land

Diablo, Free Fall, Flapper, Helios, Crazy Bar, Labyrinth, Great Poseidon, Roller-coaster, Hurricane

Diablo Free Fall Great Poseidon

Kid's Attractions

Duck Fleet, Pegasus, Paopao, Albatross, Sky Helicopter, Fairy Tale Box, Grand Carousel Pegasus

Duck Fleet Pegasus Paopao

Carts and Trains

Go Carts, Locomotive 'Let's Go', Battery Car, Let's Go Thomas, Convoy, Safari Pet

Locomotive 'Let's Go' Let's Go Thomas, Safari Pet

Family Attractions

Ferris Wheel, Castle Guardian, Fortunetelling Witch House, Putt Putt Golf, Bumper Boats, Bazooka, Buster Bomb, Milana's Psychological Labyrinth, Shocking Horror Museum, Fire Bull, Carnival Corner, Cyber Station

Ferris Wheel Bumper Boats Cyber Station

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Aquarea (The pool is available only for the summer season.)


"Aquarea" is a resort pool composed of seven kinds of pools and slides that are arranged in plateaus on the slope of a mountain. There is a shallow pool with a beautiful gradation of water, a beach pool, a pool with a Jacuzzi, a 260 m circumference flowing pool, and a rock pool. "Surfing Downhill" is a pleasant sensation, providing an even more fulfilling thrill of a rocky river run. Since it is a pool that goes around a mountain filled with greenery, there is an even greater thrill with the beauty of the surroundings.

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Ice Park (Ice skating is available only in the winter season.)

Ice Park

In the middle of the Central Park Amusement Park is a soaring white building called the "Castle of Wind." Large boulders on the level of the pyramid were used for this magnificent multi-purpose auditorium. In the winter, this hall is transformed into an all-weather skating rink. It is possible to enjoy winter sports while looking at the clear blue sky of winter through a retractable roof.

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